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Welcome to Slytherin! Here are a few things you should know:

Founder of House: Salazar Slytherin, also known as "Serpent Tongue" for his unusual ability to converse with snakes. This is why the symbol of Slytherin house is a serpent.

Head of House: Professor Cassius Malfoy, Deputy Headmaster

Here is a list of current Slytherins:

Here is a list of former students who were sorted into Slytherin:

Course Schedule for SlytherinsEdit

  • Charms: weeks 1-4
  • Transfiguration: weeks 1-4
  • History of Magic: weeks 2-5
  • Herbology: weeks 2-5
  • Arithmancy: weeks 3-6 (Third Years +)
  • Ancient Runes: weeks 3-6 (Third Years +)
  • Astronomy: weeks 4-7
  • Muggle Studies: weeks 4-7 (Third Years +)
  • Divination: weeks 5-8 (Third Years +)
  • Care of Magical Creatures: weeks 5-8 (Third Years +)
  • Potions: weeks 6-9
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts: weeks 6-9
  • Flying: once per week (First Years only)
  • Alchemy: once per week (Sixth Years+)
  • Visits to Hogsmeade: three times per term (Third Years +)
  • Note that Slytherins typically aren't allowed in Dumbledore's Army. However, if you are a Slytherin and want to be a part of D.A., you may contact one of the other Heads of House and have them determine whether or not you can participate.(Fourth Years +)

Here is the list of the days of the week that each year will be taking lessons:

  • First Years: Sunday
  • Second Years: Monday
  • Third Years: Tuesday
  • Fourth Years: Wednesday
  • Fifth Years: Thursday
  • Sixth Years: Friday
  • Seventh Years: Saturday

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